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Berth Sale Process & Information

Annual Service Fees: The Annual Service Fees at Tutukaka Marina are among the lowest in NZ and are sent out on October 1st of each year for payment. An annual Northland Regional Council Fee will also be included separately at billing time.

All rates GST and NRC Bio-fouling / Navigation fees inclusive.

Annual Service fee as at 1st October 2022

All GST Inc

  • 10M (32.75ft)     $1704.00
  • 12M (39.50ft)     $1814.00
  • 14M (46.00ft)     $1934.00
  • 16M (52.50ft)      $2064.00
  • 17M (55.75ft)       $2134.00
  • 18M (59.00ft)      $2204.00
  • 20M (65.60ft)      $2354.00
  • Breakwater Pile   $1134.00

Other Information:
• Tutukaka Marina is a Charitable Trust.
• Sub-Leasing is allowed on a very few berths, the majority are non-sub-licence.
• You are required to contact the Marina when your Boat departs the Marina. Your berth then comes under the control of the Marina Office to rent out during your absence.
• From Dec 1st to April 30th, you receive the amount equal to 1-day Annual Service Fee for your vacant berth while you are away (usually +/- $2.50 per day).
• You do not receive revenue when the Marina Office rents out your vacant berth.
• You may not “give” out your berth to anyone – everyone must book through the Marina Office.
• Boats are not allowed to stick out of their berths and must be no longer than size stated on Berth Licence.
• All boats must have a Marina-approved clean hull.
• You must have minimum 3rd Party Boat Insurance on file at Marina Office at all times.
• Shore Power is mostly 16amp size with occasional 32amp size. You must have a Tagged Lead or Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWOF) on file at Marina Office at all times. Shore power is user pays.
• The Lease for your Berth Licence is valid until 2045, unless the previous owner chose a lesser year Option. Whangarei District Council will decide what happens after that time elapses.

The Process of Berth Licence Surrender and Re-grant/Re-issue is as follows:
1. You agree on a price with the current Owner.
2. The Owner fills out a Deed of Surrender.
3. You, as the Purchaser, fill out an Application.
4. The forms go before a Tutukaka Marina Management Trust meeting who will approve or decline the application.
5. Any outstanding fees must be paid before sign-over.
6. You will receive a copy and must sign the original copy of your Licence and Rules of Tutukaka Marina for office filing.
7. The Transaction is between the Purchaser and Seller only.
8. The Seller pays a $500.00 Transfer Fee to be issued after approval.