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Tutukaka Marina Work Construction Site Update

We would like to thank all marina users for their patience and cooperation while we progress through the clean-up and recovery stage following the disaster of January 15th.

We are having an auction for pontoons and piles coming up on March 7th with viewing on Monday 6th.  We have a small quantity of useable pontoons that will be included in the rebuild where possible.

We have undertaken aerial and underwater surveys and a hydrographic survey will be taking place very soon.  The engineers have compiled an extensive damage report for the insurers and we can start to get pricing for replacement work from this.

We are currently getting computer modelling done for different scenarios at the entrance of the marina to see if it is possible to mitigate damage from any future similar events.

Go Fuel have removed the bousers from the damaged section of the pontoon and we now have both diesel and 95 petrol running from the remaining part of the fuel jetty.  

Updates will continue as work continues.

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

Kind Regards, Tutukaka Marina